Oldarra, a Basque’s men choir – July 2017

Oldarra, a Basque’s men choir – July 2017

One of the most famous polyphonic Basque choirs. Known and recognized all over the world, this choir of men sings in Basque to the delight of all. Powerful, light, sensitive, hard, their tones and timbre resound in churches and concert halls.

Le Choeur Oldarra est venu manger sa traditionnelle omelette aux piments à la Peña Kikabukoa.Il a remercié les cuisinières, cuisiniers, serveuses et serveurs d'une bien jolie façon…Un joli moment aux Fêtes de Bayonne…

Publiée par Guy Mondorge sur Jeudi 27 juillet 2017


If you want to  know more about them, here is a french interview about where they come from and their story ! (only in french sorry).


Oldarra links : Facebook


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