“Hôtel du Palais” in Biarritz one of the world’s most beautiful beachfront hotel

“Hôtel du Palais” in Biarritz one of the world’s most beautiful beachfront hotel

According to CNN’s last article, the famous Biarritz’s hotel named “Hôtel du Palais” is one of the “21 of the world’s most beautiful beachfront hotels

 A palace in the city of Biarritz, in front of the Atlantic Ocean
Biarritz Hôtel du Palais

Biarritz Hôtel du Palais

The hotel is in the fourth position in CNN’s article and that’s not a surprise at all.

We will get back soon with a full article on the complete history of this monument of Biarritz,  but let’s first say that without it, Biarritz wouldn’t has been as famous and known as it is right now, if this old residence hasn’t been built.

Let’s take a short lookback.

The Imperatrice that loved Biarritz

Eugenie de Montijo first known Biarritz as a refugee with her whole family. She loved it and in 1853 she married there with the Emperor Napoléon III. The imperial couple lived there during two month and then buy a ground in order to build a residence,  named “La Villa Eugénie” (Eugenie’s Villa).

Every summer they were living there during twelve years from 1855 to 1868. They traveled around the Basque Country and discovered many villages and places around it. The Imperatrice Eugenie was very famous and appreciated. She conquered the hearts of the locals.

Source : CNN
Hôtel du Palais Website

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