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What is the purpose of this website ?

Well it's simple : to help foreigners, tourists, to find things they need during their holidays in Biarritz.

Is this site affiliated with the city of Biarritz or other officials?

No, absolutly not ! It's a personnal website that want to remain free. We know the city since our youth, so it's easy for us to get the informations. 

Are the informations correct all the time ?

Well, it's not easy to answer. We try to be as much as complet as we can. Of course a restaurant, a bar, or a shop can change faster in this economic world. We count on you to let us know if some informations have been changed about a place, like the hours of opening, address, etc. 

You can contact us here : CONTACT

The private informations that are recorded on the site, are they stored or sold ?

No and no, we don't care about storing datas about you. We are the first to block the spams on our mail adresses and blocking the phone numbers that tries to sell us a carpet or other stupid things.

Of course we are using Google Analytics, to have a look on where you come from and how to target better the english people who need this website during their holidays.

We are also using AdSense (for advertisings)... You can see the ads at the bottom of every pages (be kind to clik once on them, like this the website would still be running).  

When you fill the contact form (Contact menu), we don't store you name and adress mail. We just keep it during our conversation and after that we erase them, and so forget about you totaly.

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