Chanel and Biarritz, starting 101 years ago

Chanel and Biarritz, starting 101 years ago
Gabrielle Chanel discovers Biarritz
Coco Chanel Biarritz 1915

Coco Chanel at the Hôtel du Palais around 1915

She already made her name with fortunates people, particularly in Deauville. But with the war coming, rich people and celebrities are escaping from  west coast of Normandie and the city of Paris. Coco, discovers Biarritz because of here love Arthur Boy Capel. Biarritz is already a famous destination for sea swimming, the renowned society life at the Hôtel du Palais and cabarets. And Spain is a neutral country and really close, so it’s a security place for everyone.

The first Chanel fashion house

It’s in 1915, in Biarritz, that Chanel opens her third shop and this is the place where the first Chanel fashion house opened. Following her own inspiration, she decides to shortens skirts and removes the size. Like Paul Poiret who suppressed the corset in 1906, she frees the body of the woman. Her shops benefits of customers throughout the elegant society that has collapsed during the war in this safe resort of Biarritz city.

She decides to open her first shop in the venter of the city of Biarritz. The workshops are installed in the Villa Larralde, street Gardères, just behind. They will employed 60 small basque hands, some of them will later join the prestigious address of Rue Cambon in Paris.

Coco Chanel Biarritz 1915 (1)

Coco Chanel Biarritz shop

Coco Chanel is very close to the russian aristocracy in exile in the city. She will also plays the sponsors for creating, for example, russians ballets.

Untill 1930 Coco Chanel will remain faithfull to Biarritz. Her reputation is international.

See the documentary below (in french)

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