Biarritz Surf Gang, the movie/documentary

Biarritz Surf Gang, the movie/documentary

In the 1980’s, Biarritz wasn’t the spot only known for surfing, it had many other different faces. Only few were able to surf and they were locals. Some were pacifists, others were more brutal on strangers whom wanted to take their spot ! It was sex, drugs, all night long parties, rock and roll and of course, surfing on virgin spots…

A real story about a real surf gang

A story about the french surf made by old 8mm movies that has been found and  that reveal the story of those years in this gang. Made by Pierre Denoyel and Nathan Current two surfers from Biarritz, enter in a universe where all was about keeping their spot and way of life in this french town.
The movie will be released on the 30rd of June on the french application Studio+ (link).

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